Hi Tech Water Purifier is your answer to clean and hygienic water

"Hi Tech Water Purifier"

Hi Tech Water Purifier is the product and it is made to provide clean water for cooking, drinking and other water needs. 

It is such a great device which removes contaminants up to 99.9% making it highly pure.

It is very easy to install. Simply put it on the tap which is used the most. Inside there is a filter which is easy to change as well. It has a rotating tangential water inlet design and can’t be blocked easily.

To bring more ease into your water needs, the water purifier is made from a natural environmental friendly material which is easy to use. Remove the aerator from your faucet and install the filter. For cleaning, unscrew and remove the cartridge and clean the filter.

Filters up to 10,000 liters.

Key Features of The Water Purifier

  • Filtering water parasites, suspended sediment and other pollutants etc.
  • Effectively remove the bacteria, algae, the solubility of chlorine and harmful heavy metals(lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.) of the water.
  • Supply the healthy, clean and hygienic water. Filter can be repeatedly cleaned and easy to replace. Filtered water and unfiltered water easily switched.
  • This water purifier machine filters/removes water contaminants that are mostly in underground water or the through the public water systems such as Rusts; Contaminants; Worms; Residual chlorine; Algae; Disinfection by-products; Parasites; Heavy metal ions; Dirt; Organic pollutants; Dusts; Unpleasant tastes Giardia; Cryptosporidium. 
  • Kindly note that though it is very easy to fix but if you are not familiar with fixing plumbing items, please contact a qualified plumber to fix it for you. 


OMG what a difference!!! I started searching for something else and decided to give this filter a try and I am so impressed! The installation was less than 5 minutes, the water flow is awesome and super fast and it rotates! I don't know why I didn't get this sooner but I'm glad I have it now!
Adwempa from Accra
When our son went from Lagos to granny's, his first concern was clean drinking water. After a lot of research, we chose the Hi tech Faucet Water Filter. We were impressed by the stainless-steel parts, and the 6-month average filter use. And the reviews from previous buyers assured us. The filter arrived two days later. It took about five minutes to remove from the box and install on the kitchen faucet. After running water through the filter for a few minutes (as instructed), we were delighted with the results. Outstanding product! Highly recommended!!!
Veliane from Tamale
This is an honest review. I really wanted to use it for some time before writing it. This is sturdy , easy to install and water flow is great. You can fill up one glass of water in just 2 to 3 seconds ! Fits properly with my standard kitchen sink faucet. No tools needs to install, very easy.
Appiah from Kumasi


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GHC 150

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Buy 3 Water Purifiers 

GHC 400

Normal PRICE = GHC 900

SAVE = GHC 500

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